We have a conflict with the PA gym on our originally scheduled first practice.  This will effect the K-2, 3/4 boys and the 3/4 girls.  These teams will not practice on 11/15.  The 5/6 boy will practice at 8:00 Saturday, 11/15 at the MES gym.  5/6 girls will follow the boys at 9:30.

K-2 will practice on 11/22 at 8:00
3/4 girls will practice on Tuesday, 11/18 at 5:30 at MES
3/4 boys Brink will practice on Wednesday, 11/19 at 5:30 at MES
3/4 boys Pierce will practice on Thursday, 11/20 at 5:30 at MES
3/4 boys Schleupner will practice on Friday, 11/21 at 5:30 at MES

Check under Info/forms for updated schedules and team info. ****These will be updated throughout the season

If you did not receive an email from MYB on these updates please contact Dan Lehmann at danlehmann1@yahoo.com