Monday the 14th:
6th grade girls practice from 6-7:30

Tuesday the 15th:
5/6 Boys (Mike) at Waterville, start time 6:00

Wednesday the 16th:
5/6 Boys (Darron) at Hyde Park, start time 6:00
Possible regular practice time for other boys

Saturday the 19th:
9:30 5/6 Boys (Darron) vs. Waterville at Peoples Academy
10:45 5/6 Boys (Mike) vs. Eden at Peoples Academy
12:00 3/4 Boys (Travis) vs. Hyde Park at Peoples Academy
1:30 6th Girls (Brian) vs. Hyde Park at Peoples Academy
2:45 3/4 Girls intra squad game (Peter and Karen)
End of Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!