Monday - January 16th:
Regular practice for 5/6 girls
5:45 3/4 Girls at Waterville

Wednesday, January 18th:
Regular practice for 3/4 Boys and 5th Boys
6:45 6th Boys (LeCours) at Cambridge

Thursday, January 19th:
Regular practice for 6th Boys
5:00 3/4 Girls at Hardwick (Elementary School)
6:15 3/4 Boys (Haskins) at Hardwick (Elementary School)

Friday, January 20th:
6:45 3/4 Boys (Haskins) at Hyde Park (Make-up game)

Saturday, January 21st:
8:30 1/2 friendly game at Johnson
10:00 6th Boys (LeCours) at Westford
11:00 3/4 Boys (Haskins) vs. Stowe at P.A.
12:00 5/6 Girls at Hardwick (Elementary School)
12:15 3/4 Boys (Breton) vs. Stowe at P.A.
1:00 3/4 Girls at Waterville
1:30 5th Boys (Holbrook) vs. Stowe at P.A.

Hope the weather cooperates for all of us this week - check in to this news sections for cancellations.

Thanks again.