Coach Mac and myself would like to thank all the players, parents, community members, sponsors and all the area basketball organizations for a great winter season.  We continue to build each and every year of this programs existence.  The players skill levels and basketball knowledge has grown tremendously over these past winter months. 
We would like to give a big shout out to all of our volunteer coaches for all their hard work and dedication to making basketball in Morrisville come back to life in our community.
As we reflect on this past season - we would like to note that we are very proud of being able to create a safe and learning environment during all the games we hosted.  This is a true reflection of our coaches, players, and especially our parents who have been very supported and have let their children live the life of basketball as it should be.
We look forward to the winter season of 2011-2012.   Keep playing, shooting, dribbling, and working on those skills over the summer.